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About Shourya Mitram Realtors

Our Company Shourya Mitram Realtors pvt.L.td. is dealing with the business activities as developers of land,Colonies, sheds, Buildings, Structures, Towers, Residential plots, Comercial plots, Industrial plots and sheds,Roads,Bridges, Channels,Culverts and to act as Designers, Cotractors, for all types of Construction and Development works for private sectors, Government Departments and to develop the sites and plots and to carry on the business activities of acquirer, purchaser, exchange or otherwise all types of land and properties of any tenure or any interest in the same or to erect and construct houses buildings multi-stories or work for every description on any land of the company or upon other land or property and to pull down, re-build, enlarge, alter and improve existing houses buildings or work thereon and to purchase and sell of houses and plots of free hold or other house properties, buildingsm, lands or household articles.

More show to carry on the business of builders, contractors, erectors, construction of buildings, houses, apartment, structure or residential, offices, industries, institutional, or commercial or town sake, holiday resorts, hotels, motels, and in particular preparing of building sites contructing, reconstructing, erecting, altering, improving, enlarging, developing, decorating, furnishing, maintaining of structures, flats, houses, factories, shops, offices, garages, ware houses building work, workshop, hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, godowns and other commercial, educational, purposes and conveniences to purchase for development or for resale lands houses buildings, structures and other properties of any nature and of any interest there in and to purchase, sale and deal in free hold land and to purchase, sale, exchange or otherwise deal in land and house properties whether real or personal an to turn the same in to account/cash as may seem proper and expendient.

Our company is registered under companies act 1956 and its registered office situated at as mentioned above.

Board Of Directors

Manoj Sharma

Anamika Sharma

Anand Sharma

Priya Sharma

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